Food dryer ETA Vital Air 0302 90000

Product code: ETA030290000


Food dehydrator

  • Healthier way of food preparation and preservation
  • Suitable for home-grown fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, meat, fish (home-made "jerky") or herbs and for making RAW food (e.g. wraps , wholemeal crackers, home-made cereals)
  • Possibility of home-made pasta drying, dough rising, crisping
  • Transparent dehydrator trays (9 pcs) for easy control of the drying process
  • Special dehydrator tray for crushed foodstuff (e.g. herbs, spices and RAW products)
  • Tray size 29.4 x 36.5cm
  • 1.07 m2 active drying area
  • The number of dehydrator trays can be chosen depending on the amount of food
  • Temperature adjustable from 30 - 70°C, with 1°C increments
  • Electronic thermostat provides for desired temperature fluctuations which ensure optimum and fast elimination of moisture from the food
  • Timer from 1 minute to 40:59 hours, with 1 minute increments
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Switch control with 2x LED displays for easy temperature and time setting
  • Easy operation - Czech menu
  • Protection against overheating
  • Very quick assembly, easy operation and maintenance
  • Practical shape and design
  • Very quiet operation
  • Low energy consumption (energy savings nearly 20%, time savings up to 30%)
  • Non-slip feet for increased stability
  • Power cable length 1.6m
  • Input power 630W
  • Professional quality for home use
  • Unique design ensuring uniform horizontal flow of hot air throughout the dehydrator, Air flow technology
  • No need to change the position of the trays during the drying process
  • Opaque casing prevents discolouring or loss of nutrients from food due to exposure to daylight.

Technical parameters:

  • Temperature regulation Yes
  • Number of drying plates 9
  • Rotating drying plates No
  • Power consumption of fruit dryer 630 W
  • Timer/Časovač Yes