Multifunctional blender ETA Vital Blend 1011 90000

Product code: ETA101190000
Powerful blender ETA Vital Blend helps with preparing liquid dishes, soups or smoothies. It has a container in the volume of 2,5 l made of special material and up to 28 000 revolutions per minute.


ETA Vital Blend is not only high-speed blender, but also multifunctional appliance, which mixes, stirs, chops, crushes ice, helps you with making ice cream, paste, peanut butter and mainly it is an expert on smoothies – very popular healthy drinks. It is also suitable for making RAW food.

Thanks to the extraordinary revolution (up to 28 000 per minute) and high power 1600 W, it smoothly mixes even very hard ingredients such as beetroot or peanuts within few seconds. In consideration of its short mixing time, Vital Blend is perfect for preparing RAW food. Special knife with six arms and stainless blade BlendeX has unbeliavable speed of 420 km/h. It is a real formula among kitchen appliances.

Easy and safe use
Extra large container in the volume of 2,5 l is made of highly resistant Tritan - safe BPA free material, which was originally developed for medical purposes. It doesn´t absorb any smell or taste of food.

Tightly sealed lid guarantees, that all ingredients stay inside and thanks to the removable measuring glass, they can be added even during mixing. In comparison to the common mixers, Vital Blend is equipped with practical stuffer, which helps you push the ingredients nearby the blade in order to mix them perfectly and equally. Its cleaning is really simple - you just fill the container with water and detergent and rinse it. What is more, the stainless knife is removable, so that no ingredients can stuck under it.

Vital Blend finds its place in every household, but it can be really appreciated by those, who live actively and they care about their health. Thanks to its extraordinary revolutions, it mixes fruits and vegetables perfectly, so that your body can absorb fibre, chlorophyl, minerals and antioxidants, which are released only during the process of mechanical high-speed mixing. Vital Blend manages even special fiber, which is contained in leafs of root vegetable, that are usually not used, although they contain a lot of important nutrients. Unlike fruits presses it can process even peels or pips, that are also rich in nutrients.

Vital Blend is perfect for preparing mild vegetable milk (e.g. oat, peanut, coconut, almond or rice milk). That is appreciated mainly by people, who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk protein and cannot drink animal milk. You can also prepare purées for childen.

Before any kind of physical activity, you can gain energy from fruit or vegetable smoothie with protein powder, nuts, barley, chia seeds or oat flakes. It can replace your breakfast or snack. Vital Blend can also prepare dough for pancakes or waffles within few minutes. Your evening can be made more pleasant by refreshing cocktail or creamy ice cream. Vital Blend can be used in every household. Just be careful, its use is highly addictive!


Multifunctional blender ETA Vital Blend

  • High-speed blender chops and mixes the ingredients within a few seconds
  • It mixes, chops, crushes or stirs. That is why it is suitable for making drinks, cocktails, smoothies, sauces, soups, ice creams or pastes
  • Healthy and quick way of food preparing - perfect for making RAW food
  • Suitable for cold or hot ingredients, even for ice cubes and ice creams
  • Smooth regulation of revolutions (15000 - 28000 rev./minute) and a PULSE function for maximum speed
  • Unique stainless knife with serrated blade
  • Extra large 2,5 l container
  • The container is made of special resistant material Tritan - high resistancy against capturing colours and flavours, BPA free - it does not contain any Bifestol A
  • The lid is equipped with removable transparent cover for easy filling with liquids during operation
  • Plastic plunger for moving bigger pieces of food closer to the blade
  • The container can be easily lifted and removed
  • Its blade can be removed for easy cleaning
  • Lever for knife removal
  • Ergonomically shaped handle
  • Protection against over-heating
  • Non-skid trims take care of its stability
  • Power 1600 W
  • Noise 86 dB(A) re 1pW

Technical parameters:

  • The volume of the main container 2.5 l
  • Number of speeds 20
  • Pulse switch Yes
  • Infinitely variable Yes
  • Features, accessories crushes ice
  • Features, accessories mixing
  • Features, accessories mixing hot ingredients
  • Material blender jar plast
  • Power consumption mixer 1600 W