Food dehydrators

Do you have a lot of fruit at home, but you have lack of space in the fridge?  Acquire food dehydrator, from the ETA Company, and do not be afraid to try so-called RAW, or RAW food. Fruit in the dry form represents quick source of energy, vitamins, carbohydrates, but also fiber. However, it is not just about the fruit. You can create delicious RAW food also from meat, vegetable or mushrooms. You can dry whatever you wish, thanks to adjustable temperature on our devices.


Our company's developers worked hard, so they could introduce you number one product for preparation of RAW food - ETA Vital Air. It represents unique way of drying, thanks to which you can keep crops from your garden all year long. Besides drying, it manages to prepare ideal condition for rising dough, pastry reheating or yoghurt preparation. Warm air inside is regulated, thanks to a unique construction, and the Air Flow technology ensures horizontal air circulation. The result is evenly dried fruit that will love the whole family.


Make your children tasty and RAW food in the form of fried bananas, apples or strawberries.

Power consumption of fruit dryer