Food dryers

Do you have a lot of fruit at home, but have a lack of space in the fridge? Acquire an ETA food dehydrator and dry the food easily. Then you can use the dried fruit as healthy and tasty snack full of vitamins, fiber and energy which you can eat during the whole year. The ETA food dehydrators will also take care of drying mushrooms, vegetables or meat. Thanks to the adjustable temperature it provides the right conditions to dry any kind of food.

The ETA Vital Air is one of the most multifunctional products. Besides, food drying and preparation of RAW food can ensure the ideal conditions for rising dough, pastry reheating or yoghurt preparation. Warm air inside is regulated, thanks to a unique construction, and the Air Flow technology ensures horizontal air circulation. The result is evenly dried fruit that will love the whole family. The ETA Fresa and ETA Freya dehydrators contain the special screen for herbs which enables you to process the summer harvest.