It is autumn, 10 °C outside and you desire for some summer grill party? Or you just desire for tasty meat preparation, without using any fat? Electric ETA grills will allow you to do so. The preparation of grilled meals was never healthier. The plates inside are made from non-stick material, which prevents burning. Washing is very easy, because the plates are removable, therefore you can place them into the dishwasher. These grills are suitable for the preparation of all kinds of meat, fish, vegetable and also pastry.


You can choose from several kinds of grills. If grilling on two levels, classical and on small pans, suits you, for example for cooperating with your kids, then the ETA Raclet grill is the one for you. You can automatically regulate the temperature and all of its inner parts are isolated, so that it is mainly safe. 7 pieces of small pans will like the whole family. But if you prefer grilling on the stone, then the ETA Vital grill is the only choice. Classical table grill with two replaceable plates, which are cast-iron and stone, will give your meals a summer touch. Stone plate is mostly used for cooking slowly, for example for the preparation of well-done steak.


Create summer whenever and wherever you want and make your neighbours feel the amazing smell from ETA grills.