Hair irons

Do your hairstyle like it was just done by a hair stylist, with the ETA flat irons. Maximally flat and smooth hairstyle, or curls are not a problem from now on. The ironing surface will perfectly trim your hair, without damaging them. The ionization ensures that your hair will not be straggly or they will not electrize. Flat iron ETA Liliana stands out with maximal gentleness. Its ceramic tourmaline plates ensure perfect sliding and evenly distribute heat throughout the hair. Moreover, they keep moisture and therefore your hair still look fresh.


ETA Fenité flat iron is the best friend of all women, wanting straight hair. Very effective combination of spring plates, for perfect adherence to all types of hair, with high quality heaters maximize the ironing effect. The effectiveness of the whole process is also supported with a steam ironing technology. That is why the heaters are immediately hot and you can start ironing your hair. If you use a strengthening and nourishing product, it will support your final look.


Keep your hairstyle, with the ETA flat irons, in any condition.