Hair straighteners

Elegant hairstyle always makes a good impression. You can create one with the ETA hair straightener every day. Specially modified plates straighten your hair quickly and reliably without causing hair breaking or splitting. Moreover, the ionization function ensures that your hair won’t electrize. The ETA Rosalia hair straightener excels in maximal tenderness and comfortable manipulation. The ceramic-tourmaline surface of plates adheres perfectly to your hair and spread the heat equally. You can easily style nice waves thanks to the ergonomic shape.

The best friend of every woman who desires straight hair is surely ETA Fenité hair straightener. The effective combination of spring-loaded plates for perfect adherence to every hair type and high-quality heaters maximize the effect of straightening. The effectivity of the whole process inheres also in the steam straightening technology. The heaters are almost immediately heated up and nothing sets you apart from your dreamed hairstyle.

Style a simple but beautiful hairstyle within just a few seconds. Professional ETA hair straighteners are there always for you.