Hair trimmers

You do not have to visit saloons and barber shops, with the multifunctional ETA hair and beard trimmers. You can create your look in a few minutes right from your home. You will save not only money for the saloon services, but also a lot of time spent in them. Everyone will choose his attachment from the removable attachment set and your hair and beard will remain stylish. Some of our trimmers last up to 90 minutes, so you can focus on your hair as long as you wish.

The hair trimmer ETA Eliot will provide you with high quality and powerful performance, thus it will always be right at your hand. It’s ready to use just after 2 hours of charging. Then, you can style your hair with 7 comb attachments with adjustable cut length from 0,8 to 30 mm. Multifunctional hair trimmer ETA Ryan will offer you extra-long working time as well as extra added functions such as removing unwanted hairs from the nose and ears.

Stay stylish and stay yourself – your look will be always great with the ETA hair trimmers.