Hand mixers & blenders

There are few speed phases, powerful yet absolutely quiet DC motor, with the electric energy consumption of 550 W, and 20 cm large kneading whisks. The ETA Lento, combined with maximum number of rotational speed, is an indispensable kitchen helper, which will egg whites or heavy cream. Czech designer Zdeněk Veverka created the modern and elegant design. The construction is maximally lightweight, with special ergonomically shaped handrail. When designing this product, the creator was thinking about the safety of the customers and installed safeguard. Compared to other hand mixers is ETA Lento really extremely quiet, therefore it ensures maximum comfort.


Do you want the best for your child? The preparation of nutritious snacks, porridge or homemade fruit puree was never easier. Powerful ETA Sapelo hand blender, which has elegant black stainless steel design, is an indispensable helper of every new mummy. Full regulation of speed rotation ensures optimal adjustment of speed according to the need. Practical hanger saves a lot of space in the kitchen of every good housewife.


Prepare your food quicker than ever before with the new mixers and hand blenders from the ETA Company.