Heating fans

There is nothing better than spending a warm summer day at the water. However, if you have to spend the day at your office, the ETA air fans are the best choice. Original design and constant supply of cold air will make the stay at the office at least a little better. Powerful desk fan ETA Ringo compensates its size with the power. The air circulation is provided by the electric energy consumption of 25 W, which will consume minimal energy and you won't almost hear it working. 


The second case is the situation, when you need to heat the air in the room. In these cases, there is nothing simpler than to turn on ETA Vietro air heater. This unique and portable helper will heat the air in the room to the temperature that you will wish. It can not only heat the air, but also cool it. The electric energy consumption ensures maximal effectiveness and thanks to which you can change the air in the room during just a few minutes. You won't find a better alternative than the ETA miracle and you can carry it to your cottage. 


You can regulate the room's temperature as you wish, with the ETA air heaters.