Immersion heaters

Are you going camping and do not want to queue for morning coffee? Traditional immersion heaters are a simple and effective solution, thanks to which you will prepare hot beverage anywhere.  One of the biggest advantages is its small size, adapted to easy storing. In spite of their minimal size they work with approximately 300 W of electric energy consumption and standard voltage being 230 V. You can use it also for the preparation of warm beverages in vehicles, because of the voltage converter (from 12 V TO 230 V).

You can use the ETA immersion heater on long roads, as well as on vacations, where you can handle to make coffee or tea to your children very quickly and easily. It is easy to store, along with other thing, because of its case. We are very proud of this product because it was one of the first products of the ETA Company, which operates over 75 years on the market.


Spice your vacation up, with a little bit of classics, which accompanied you during your childhood.