IPL Hair removal

It’s not necessary to visit luxury cosmetic saloons if you want to remove unwanted hairs painlessly and with long-lasting effect. You can handle this with the ETA IPL hair removal right from your home. IPL hair removal works based on the technology of intensive pulsing light (IPL) that disrupt the structure of dark hairs which fall out. Consequently, hairs gradually stop growing, and become thinner. This all happens within just a few weeks. After the first phase when the application is required approximately once a week, then, it finally comes the phase of taking care of the effect. In this phase, you should use the IPL hair removal approximately once a month.

IPL hair removal represents cheaper and more affordable alternative to laser epilation which is offered in specialized saloons. The application is painless with the right intensity of light, and if you keep safety policies (usage of protective glasses, verification of contraindication), it’s completely safe for usage at home. To ensure that the epilation is effective, it’s necessary that the hair has enough pigmentation. The IPL hair removal works the best on white or light brown skin and dark hairs.