Apart from nowadays' steam iron trend, the classic flat irons are rather suitable for retro lovers. Their model for the production is the indigenous iron, which was typical for its square shape, straight lines and significant colors.  An elegant stainless steel surface will handle each and every material and an open comfortable handrail helps easier manipulation. These unique ETA products are favorite mostly thanks to the simple usage and original retro design. 


Refresh your childhood memories with the traditional ETA retro iron. The combination of red and black color, combined with the classical sharp design, will arouse slight nostalgia, however the ironing will become even funnier. Regulation of the temperature and the lightning signalization of the chosen degree, including safeguard against overheating, are a matter of course. Furthermore, you can use it in situations when you can’t use the steam iron. With the dry iron you can adjust damaged base of the ski or you can cover the edges of the laminate furniture, with the help of flat iron. 


Think of the time, when your mummy took care of the ironing and order the immortal ETA retro iron classics.

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