Juicers & citrus presses

Make yourself clear in what you actually drink. You do not have to worry about added preservatives and colouring, with the ETA juicers. You decide about what you put in it. The best quality and natural juice can be done in a few seconds. You do not have to be afraid that the fruit would lose its vitamins. These maximally effective ETA company devices keep 100 % from the fruit and the amazing taste of the produced juices remains as well. Thanks to the usage of ECO friendly materials is everything ecological and hygienic.


There is a brand new product, which is the ETA Fruto juicer and can process fruit or hard vegetable without any problems. It disposes of 2 speed degrees for perfect juicing. Thanks to the DripStop function, which prevents unwanted dripping, you will not lose a single mililiter of your juice. It can also handle large pieces of material and stainless steel sieve will not let out any dirt. Every day will be more pleasing with the elegant matte jar.


Take care of your body and load your body with great amount of vitamins with the new ETA juicers.

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