Healthy and beautiful skin is a secret wish of many people. However, how can we obtain it? Sonic face brushes ETA Fenité will guide you to it. Soft silicon bristles ensure deep cleaning of your skin and helps to prevent blocked pores and consequently developing acne. The brush can easily substitute regular peeling which removes the top layer of dead skin cells, in addition to that it gently and effectively massages, and thus ensures blood perfusion. As the result you get healthier, smoother, more elastic and brighten skin.

The undoubtable advantage of ETA cleaning brushes is their compact size and waterproofness. Therefore, you can use them in the shower at home as well as while traveling. Choose from the wide offer of your favorite colors – such as cleaning brush with ergonomically shaped handle in blue or green color or cleaning brush in rounded shape in black, pink or yellow color.

Elastic, bright, smooth and unified skin is literally within reach with ETA Fenité cleaning brushes.