Kitchen scales

ETA kitchen scales are indispensable helpers, while cooking and baking. Their maximal accuracy and futuristic easiness are unbelievable. You can rely on the maximal accuracy, if you are used to weigh in grams or pounds. Some of the models helps you to measure the volume in milliliters. Everything is then prepared to be perfect. In case you just don’t need a kitchen scale, you will appreciate its low weight and compact size, which makes the storage easy for you.

The favorite scale ETA Lori with synoptic LCD display will brighten every kitchen thanks to colorful designs. In spite of its thinness, it can handle up to 5 kilograms. Those, who would like take control over their diet, will be delighted with the nutritious scale ETA Nutri Vital, which is combined with unique smart app thanks to which it can control and register nutritious value of the food.

The biggest advantages of the digital kitchen scales ETA are lightness and accuracy. It enables you to precisely weigh everything you put into a bowl and mouth.