LED bulbs

Save not only your money, but also environment with the ETA LED light bulbs. The energy saving in this case reaches unbelievable 90 %, which yearly makes thousand of crowns. Therefore, the initial investment to this technology will soon come back. The environmental friendliness is mostly caused by the use of ecologically friendly materials, whereas the classical light bulbs are not, because they contain a lot of mercury and lead. It is important to find out the size of a screw thread or light bulb socket before the purchase, so that the light bulb suits your lighting.


Indulge yourself with lighting of a sunny day also during the night with the new original LED retro light bulb. It is a limpid light bulb, whose lighting angel is 360° and its light is classified into so called warm white. This type of light bulb is also immune to being often turned on/off and automatically shines with full intensity, after you turn it on. Its lighting is therefore multiple times higher and with the day lighting, which is approximately 5- 6 hours, can its lifetime reach even 15 years.


Give your lighting a new dimension with the new LED light bulbs with extended warranty from the ETA Company.

Intensity (ANSI)
Color temperature