Lint removals

Did you buy a T-shirt and you can't wear it after a few washes? The problem with the lint on your clothes will disappear after using these little helpers. The ETA lint remover will get rid of any unpleasant sewing, speck, as well as knot of some fabric, which use to create on clothing. High quality stainless blades are very prudent to all of the materials and keep them in a very good condition. Thanks to its practical size, you can take it with you practically anywhere.


End up with lint with the new ETA Linty lint remover. An ergonomic shape of the whole device ensures comfortable manipulation. Despite its compact size, it offers quite large active cleaning part. Lint removal will then take only a short period of your time. Collected lint will then automatically gather in a removable transparent bin. 

Your clothing will never look better. End with the lint for good with the indispensable helper of every woman.