Meat mincers

Would you like a real homemade burger? Or you just miss a pair of hands at each abattoir? End the long and demanding grinding of the meat with the ETA meat grinders. Our practical grinders will save your time and a lot of strength, either if you need to grind meat for brawn, you want to make delicious sausages for smoking, or you simply need to grind any other ingredient. Their lifetime is multiple times higher, thanks to metallic gear wheels and hard stainless steel knife.


ETA Ambo II meat grinder, having 1200 W electric energy consumption, is a necessary helper not only at an abattoir, but also at home. It grinds meat, chops vegetable, fills smoked meat and it can do all of that just in a few seconds. It is that simple. However, if Ambo could not handle something by any chance, it also has a Reverse function (reverse operation) and it will surely do it on the second try. Easy operation and quick assembling saves a lot of your time, so you will have the opportunity to do what you like. Moreover, you can dismantle it into pieces and the maintenance is therefore very easy.


Do not wait for anything and prepare a homemade sausage quickly and simply, with the unique ETA meat grinders.

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