Microwave ovens

Do you need to quickly heat your food? There is nothing easier than using ETA microwave. Elegant microwaves, with a modern design, can heat or defrost any food in a very short period of time. Because of their black and white design, they can find place at each household. Painted interior, with rotating plate, ensures that your food is evenly heated from the inside and each side. Inner lighting and transparent door are a matter of course.


The ETA Morelo microwave is unique in its dark appearance, which is complemented with two buttons for timer and choosing the appropriate function. Power of this microwave is 700W and its inner volume is 20 l.  You do not have to worry that something would not fit inside. On the other side, the classical ETA microwave offers 8 programmes, which will automatically set the needed power and time of cooking. The power can be adjusted also for specific kinds of food, such as fish, pasta, meat, vegetable etc.


Because you chose ETA company being the most reliable band of 2017, we give you also a bonus in the form of extended 5-year warranty on magnetron, which is the basis of every microwave.