Spare toothbrush heads

Is it a time to change a head at your favorite toothbrush? Choose from a wide offer of spare toothbrush heads for the ETA electric toothbrushes, which provide your teeth with the best possible care. ETA spare toothbrush heads are made of quality bristles that are specially designed to copy the shape of your teeth and line of your gums. Thanks to all of that, your teeth and interdental spaces can be gently and effectively cleaned.

Spare toothbrush head WhiteClean have half hard bristles and they are suitable for versatile teeth cleaning as well as removing the unwanted pigmentation. Sensitive gums and exposed dental roots can be cleaned with the toothbrush head with the soft bristles SoftClean. Its soft bristles can easily handle with tooth plague as well as interdental spaces.

Ensure good tooth care which is the right way to charming and healthy smile with the ETA toothbrushes.