Foot care

Are you walking during your whole working time? Do you have troubles with dry heels or feet? Try to solve your problem the easiest way. ETA nail files represent smart and simple solution. Strained feet will relax, thanks to the painless skin removing, and you can rest your feet. You can do all of this quickly and easily from your home. Your skin will remain smooth and your move will become more pleasing.


Electric ETA Rollo foot and heel file, with NiMH accumulator, will carefully take care of your feet. Ergonomically shaped handrail helps to use this file very easily. Spare attachments are included in the packaging and you can also purchase a spare head. High quality accumulator NiMH can be repeatedly charged and lasts working for approximately an hour. Your feet will love this care and you will be moving fluently, without any pain.


Stop problems with your teeth. End with the hard skin with the ETA foot files.