Personals scales

You will easily loose weight with the ETA scales. They are very precise, because of their detailed calibration. Weighing surface is made from safe glass, which is resistant against hits and is very easy to maintain. You can also switch kilograms to pounds. Intelligent system, which is built-in, will automatically turn the scale on and off. If is functioning thanks to the batteries, which are included in the packaging.


Personal scale Vital Body is a smart scale, because it records all-important information, thanks to the VITAL BODY application. This application is compatible with android, but also with iOS and is connected via energy saving Bluetooth - so it saves scale and smartphone batteries. After it is connected, it immediately starts to send the data into your device, therefore you are well informed about your body fat, water, caloric intake and other useful numbers, which will help you keep fit. The application records the numbers in regular intervals and helps you to adjust your diet.


Experience a great way of loosing weight and do not be afraid to step on the scale.