Personals scales

Keep your weight under control with digital personal ETA scale. They are very precise, because of their detailed calibration. Weighing surface is made from safe glass, which is resistant against hits and is very easy to maintain. Intelligent system, which is built-in, will automatically turn the scale on and off. You just don’t need to do anything else but stepping on the scale and read the result from the display.

If you want to stay informed not only about your weight but also about body fat and body water, choose one of the scales which provide you also with body analysis. The leader in this category is personal scale ETA Vital Body with a unique smart app, which records and evaluates all data. The application has a memory for up to 10 people so that whole family can use it. On the other hand, if you put emphasis on elegant simplicity, purchase a splendid personal scale ETA Fenité.

Purchase a personal scale which won’t stay locked in your closet. The ETA personal scale makes the regular weight controls easy and pleasant.