Hair dryer ETA Fenité 532090000 white

SKU: ETA532090000
The ETA FENITE hair dryer with a long-life AC motor, ionization, 3 temperature settings and 2 airflow speeds.
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The hair dryer for everyday pleasure of hair drying

A dream of every woman is to have beautiful and healthy hair. With its elegant white design of ETA FENITÉ, this dream will come true. With modern technology, your hair drying will be simple and fast with professional effects.

Elegant on the surface and efficient inside
With the power input 2200 W, hair drying with ETA FENITÉ will be very easy and fast. The hair dryer includes an AC motor that not only develops an intense airflow, but is also known for its long life. You can set 3 degrees of temperature and 2 airflow speeds on the FENITÉ hair dryer. After drying your hair, the cold air button is used to fix your hairstyle.

Simple, easy and safe
The great advantage of an ergonomically shaped handle is that it is perfectly held and does not slip in your hand when blowing your hair. The 1.8 m rotating power cable offers a wide range for easy handling of the hair dryer. A safety fuse is used to protect against overheating. The FENITÉ hair dryer has a removable filter to remove trapped hair. A 360° rotary concentrator is available as an accessory, allowing you to concentrate the airflow from the hair dryer right where you need it.

Do you have a lack of storage space? Never mind, ETA FENITÉ has a hanging loop. So after you dry your hair, you can hang the hair dryer anywhere on the loop and save a lot of space in the shelves and cabinets.
Technical parameters


Hair dryer

* Long-life AC motor
* Ionization function
* 3 levels of temperature setting + cold air
* 2 airflow speeds
* Concentrator - swivelling by 360°
* Removable grille
* Protective foam filter
* Overheat safety lock
* Ergonomically shaped handle
* Practical shape and design
* Hanging loop
* Declared sound power level 82 dB (A) re 1pW
* Power cable length 1.8 m
* Power input 2200 W

Type of hair: standard dryer
Max. power input: 2200 W
Number of speed degrees: 2
Number of temperature degrees: 3
Diffuser: No
Air concentrator: Yes
Ionizer: Yes
Cool air: Yes
Dual travel voltage (115 V / 230 V): No
Cord Length: 1,8 m

Size of product:
Width: 27.5 cm
Height: 26.5 cm
Depth: 10.0 cm
Weight: 0.73 kg

Size of package:
Width: 29.0 cm
Height: 10.5 cm
Depth: 28.5 cm
Weight: 1.07 kg