Hand steamer for clothes

All of you surely experienced being late for work, you finally did your make-up and then found out that your blouse is crumpled. There will be no problem with the ETA clothes steamer. Various upholstery and curtains of all materials will be smoothed and without little dirt just in a few seconds. There is no easier way. Moreover, our appliances are equipped with ANTI CALC function, which prevents sedimentation of limescale and maintains the clothes steamer in a great condition.

Hand clothes steamer ETA Victoria is a necessary helper of your wardrobe. It is ideal for upkeeping of winter coat or blazer, which is only allowed to clean with so called dry cleaning. Two steam intensity adjustments will ensure that your clothing will be taken care of just perfectly. The volume of the container had to be adapted to the size of the whole appliance and it will last for 18 minutes, so you do not have to worry that the clothes steamer will run out of water in the middle of steaming. Electric energy consumption, which is 1200 W, will then immediately start the clothes steamer and you can start "ironing".

Do not limit yourself because of badly folded or crumpled clothing. With the ETA clothes steamer will your problems vanish.