Robotic vacuum cleaners

Tidying has never been easier. In contrast with traditional bag and bagless vacuum cleaners, ETA robotic vacuum cleaners perform special functions thanks to which the tidying is easy and quick. The delayed start function enables you to plan the cleaning at the time that fits you the best – moreover, you needn´t to be at home. The intelligent navigation system and magnetic or virtual wall leads the vacuum cleaner through the optimal path and clearly determine where to clean and where not to clean. Bump and stair sensors and anti-collision system take care of unproblematic movement in the rooms.

Let the robotic vacuum cleaner ETA Falco handle the tidying for you. It takes care of mopping and furthermore it is really tireless, it is able to work up to 120 minutes continuously. Cleans both hard floors and carpets up to the height of 10mm. The quality HEPA filter and 4 regimes of tidying process help to grab dust and debris from the floor which remains perfectly clear.

Smart technology fans will be thrilled by our best model ETA Raggio which includes laser navigation system and smart app. Therefore, you can operate it from your office and after you come home you don’t need to worry about tidying. 

Don´t waste your precious time and energy on manual vacuuming and mopping, ETA robotic vacuum cleaners do the work for you.