Sandwich makers

You can prepare tasty and delicious breakfast quickly and easily in the ETA sandwich makers and toasters. The sandwiches were never crispier thanks to the high quality and non-stick material, which the hotplates are made from. Isolated handrail, controllers signalizing the beginning and the end of the process and integrated locks ensure total safety during the food preparation.


Do you want a quick snack or nutritious breakfast? No problem with the ETA Sorento sandwich maker. The uniqueness comes from its multifunctionality. A set of removable hotplates allows using it for grilling of the meat, for the preparation of sweet snacks in the form of fresh waffles and for making triangular or square toasts. ETA Ela toaster, having seven temperature degrees, can make toasts of your taste. You do not have to worry that you will miss any important part of your day, because its electric energy consumption is 900 W.  


Satisfaction starts at the breakfast. Give your body exclusive star everyday. It will be fun with the new kitchen helpers.