Semolina pasta with tuna

Fast and simple


4 servings


30 minutes


135 g   very fine flour
110 g   semolina flour
3   eggs
2 spoonfuls   olive oil
    cold water
tin   tuna in brine
20 pcs   black olives
1   chilli pepper
6 pcs   dried tomatoes



  1. With the kneading hook, work the flour, eggs and olive oil into a dough ● Gradually add water until you get a tough and flexible dough that is no longer sticky ● Finally, knead it with your hands and leave it to rest in the fridge for at least 30 minutes
  2. Divide the dough into three parts and roll out each one with the dough rolling attachment ● Fold the dough and roll it out repeatedly until it is flexible enough and does not tear ● Change the attachments and slice noodles with the slicer for narrow noodles ● Cook the pasta in salty water for a few minutes until their consistency is al dente
  3. In a pan, warm the tuna in a splash of olive oil, add chopped dried tomatoes and a chilli pepper to taste ● Finally, add black olives ● Add a few spoonfuls of water from the pasta and finally, stir in the noodles ● Mix properly and serve