Steam cleaners

Make the bacteria disappear from your household and load it with total cleanness with the ETA revolutionary steam cleaners. The technology that uses the steam for cleaning concentrates mainly on the hygiene. Hygiene is the main advantage compared to ordinary cleaners. The steam cleaners will not only clean, but also disinfect the floor. The steam, which has a high temperature, will destroy the bacteria on the surface, as well as in the carpets. That is why they are an ideal choice to choose for your household, if you have kids, allergic or asthmatic people. Because of the fact that it does not need any chemical substances, it is in 100 % accordance with the environment.


Our developers worked all day and night to create brand-new products, which will every household need in the near future. One of those products is ETA Aquabelo steam cleaner. You will quickly and easily clean each surface with this small appliance. Its advantage is multifunctionality. Several attachments are included in the packaging and you will get event to hardly accessible places, when using these attachments. You can use the ETA Aquatic 2in1 as a steam cleaner and also as a steam mop, thanks to its long attachment. You will not have problems with any kind of floor, for example with carpets or tiles. Moreover, it is very cautious to these surfaces, so you do not have to worry about fading or damaging the surfaces.


Do not hesitate and pick one of these amazing appliances, which will make your work easier and more effective.