Steam pots

Healthy and nutritious cooking is not just a nowadays trend. It is also a necessary part of healthy, long and full life. You will prepare your meal easily and quickly, thanks to the ETA steam pots and what is most important; it will keep its nutritional value. They manage to save a half of the preparation time, compared to the common steam pots. Moreover, food will not lose anything from its nature, neither the taste nor vitamins. Also, all family members will love the elegant and modern design of our pots, together with an easy preparation of food.

Unique construction of ETA Calderon II steam pot manages to create perfect steam in 30 seconds, and you can enjoy your meal in a few minutes. The food preparation is without any noise and odor. The pot is attached with a bowl for safe catching of water, which drips from condensed steam right into it. Three cooking containers allow the preparation of several meals at the same time and you will undoubtedly use the time spend in the kitchen.

Provide your body with vitamins and the right irreplaceable taste of prepared meals. And you can do all of this in a very short period of time.