Stick and hand-operated vacuum cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners aren't a weaker version of blade and broom anymore. For example handheld vacuum cleaner Carsha can handle to vacuum your vehicle, sofa or smaller carpet thanks to its special construction and strong accumulator. There are dozens of genuine customer reviews steadily keeping its rating over 93 % on Heuréka portal.


Stick vacuum cleaners 2in1 are practical helper in every household.  You surely know the time when you don't want to pull out or assemble some big vacuum cleaner. Stick vacuum cleaner is an ideal practical helper close to the kitchen unit and dining table. It is always at one's elbow to be used. It is automatically charging after inserting into the docking station. There is a separate category, which is a revolutionary stick vacuum cleaner Aqualio with patented water filtration system. This vacuum cleaner, apart from a perfect floor cleaning, can clean the air in the room and will get rid of the flying allergens.