Titanium cookware

The new ETA pots represent a revolution in the cookware production and they are made from titanium. Titanium is one of the most persistent and health friendly material. The biggest advantage of this metal is healthy, quick and cheap cooking. It is possible to cook on it without any fats, thanks to totally non-stick surface, and you will save your time, thanks to extreme thermal conductivity. Their multifunctionality is very unique. They can be used either for cooking and frying on the stove, but also for baking in the oven.


Massive ETA Titanium pot with lid has 28 cm diameter and is suitable for all types of cooking plates. With the volume of 6,3 l, you do not have to worry that something would miss for the lunch. Decent pot from the ETA workshop is, thanks to its non-stick surface, very easy to wash and it is suitable for your kitchen, because of its unique and modern design. You can use the pot on each heat source, without having to worry about the pot of being damaged.


Even though we know about our qualities, all pots dispose of 10- year warranty on flat bottoms. You believe our company for 75 years and we will not let you down.