Beautiful and shiny smile is a halfway to beauty. But you need to have a good quality toothbrush and more. Choose from a wide range of electric and children ETA toothbrushes, a lot of accessories including dental water jet and attachments for cleaning the tongue. Electric toothbrushes, compared to the classical ones, are better in their intensity and reach - you can get to places, where the classical toothbrush has no chance. A lot of innovative technologies, combined with your will, are going to take care of your teeth.

ETA Sonetic toothbrush uses revolutionary dental care technology. Your teeth will be constantly healthy and fresh with this unbeatable product. One battery will last unbelievable 3 months, with everyday use. It is provided in the practical package which takes care of careful hygiene of the whole oral cavity. MicroBubbles technology and sonic Move+ technology can handle to clean your teeth with 31 000 thousand moves in one minute. It will effectively remove bacteria, including the tooth plaque. Furthermore, it can be used by people with sensitive teeth, tooth implant or braces.

ETA sonic toothbrushes make you smile even after dental checkup.