Vacuum cleaners

Are you looking for a quality, which will last for years? Then the ETA bagged vacuum cleaners are the right choice. You can choose not only from a wide range of vacuum cleaners, but also needed vacuum cleaner bags. Those are divided into several categories according to what you want to clean, for example if you need to clean after your pet (antibacterial), or you want the bag to last as long as possible (original). Their main advantage is effectiveness due to its power and thanks to a set of accessories and also the ability to adjust to many kinds of surfaces, for example tiles or carpets.


Among the most powerful machines in this class belongs the vacuum cleaner Manoa Animal with 5-year warranty for its motor. Regarding to its size you would never say that this small machine has a motor's wattage of 900 W. However, if you are rather looking for a quiet helper, you won't find a better one than Silentino Digi vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is thanks to an ULTIMATE SILENCE TECHNOLOGY one of the most quiet on the market.


Don't hesitate and order the vacuum cleaner from a Czech company with more than a 70-year tradition.