Vacuum cleaners

Are you looking for a quality, which will last for years? Then the ETA bagged vacuum cleaners are the right choice. Their great strength is the effectiveness due to its power and set of accessories as well as the ability to adjust to many types of surfaces from tiles to carpets.

Among the most powerful in this category belongs the vacuum cleaner ETA Avanto with 5 years warranty for its motor. Its great strength lies in its powerful motor with wattage of 800 W, nevertheless the vacuum cleaner is small and economic. You can also rely on vacuum cleaner ETA Adagio with extremely efficient filtration, which handles both carpets and hard floors.

The offer of the vacuum cleaners is wide as well as the offer of the necessary bags. The original version of bags has remarkable endurance, the antibacterial bags are, on the other hand, perfect for those who tides up after their pets.

Don´t wait until your old vacuum cleaner vacuum all your patience. You better bet on the vacuum cleaners ETA, whose concept is built on years of experience, but even so, it reflects the modern trends.