Vacuum sealers

Do you want to secure longer lifetime of your food? Then there is no better solution than buying ETA welder foil. They are fully automatic, so you will have any work with them. You just need to put the food into the vacuum, and it will handle the rest. It will secure the foil, vacuum air and seal the joints. Bags and joints have perfect quality, therefore you can freeze and heat in the bags and you can use them repeatedly, after washing them. They are suitable for the protection of various documents, jewels, but they will also protect from the moisture and other harmful impacts.

ETA vacuum sealers ensure that your food stay not only fresh but also tasteful. The automatic vacuum sealer ETA Freshie II will handle also welding. The vacuum sealer ETA Atmos offers also the function of marination and it speeds up the process. The vacuum sealer repeatedly creates vacuum and releases it, thanks to this process, the pores of the food are opened, and the food can better absorb the taste.

Avoid eating tasteless food and unnecessary food wasting, rather keep your food fresh, thanks to the ETA vacuum sealers and welders.