Vacuum sealers

Do you want to secure longer lifetime of your food? Then there is no better solution than buying ETA welder foil. They are fully automatic, so you will have any work with them. You just need to put the food into the vacuum and it will handle the rest of work. It will secure the foil, vacuum air and seal the joints. Bags and joints have perfect quality, therefore you can freeze and heat in the bags and you can use them repeatedly, after washing them. They are suitable for the protection of various documents, jewellery, but they will also protect from the moisture and other harmful impacts.


We were mostly thinking on your safety, during the development, and thinking how to make the work easier for you. An example of practical helper is ETA Electronic welder foil, which is, thanks to its electric energy consumption of 135 W, a warranty of total impermeability of the bags. Temperature safeguard prevents overheating, therefore you are absolutely safe, while working with this machine. Fully automatic ETA Freshie II vacuum disposes of 0,8 bar suction power. Special bags and foils for freezing and heating are included in the packaging. You get the overview on what phase of suction or welding the program is in a particular moment, thanks to the light signalization.


Keep your food fresh, thanks to the ETA vacuumers and welders.