Water heaters

Do you miss warm water at your cottage? There is no problem with the water heaters and batteries. The ETA water heaters represent total reliability in every situation. They will start tot heat the water almost immediately and therefore, they save not only your time, but also your money, because the heating time is reduced. They are also special for being multifunctional, because of which you can connect it to the sink, bathtub, washbasin and to the shower.


With the ETA flow heater, whose electric energy consumption is 5000 W, you will have the warm water immediately after the installation. It is suitable not only for cottages, but also for cellar and to the places, where you need to have warm water always available. Moreover, it won't occupy a lot of space, thanks to its size. You can order, together with the heater, also the ETA valve battery.  This battery is suitable for all types of flow heaters, therefore you don't have to worry that it will not match yours.


Compared to the classical gas heaters, you are not exposed to any danger from the escape of dangerous substances and you can calmly go to sleep.


You do not need to run somewhere to get warm water anymore and install the heater right where you need it.