Wine coolers

Every beverage needs the right temperature to be cooled, wine isn’t an exception. It needs the right temperature to fully exploit its potential. However, where should you put one or two bottles if your refrigerator is full? ETA wine coolers provide a perfect space for the bottles and take care of an intensive experience of every sip. Thus, you can always have enough bottles of wine for every opportunity. A glass of wine will brighten up every party, romantic evening or just nights when you need to relax. Your friends coming for a visit, even unannounced, will surely consider you the best host.

ETA compressor wine coolers hide the most important aspects inside but will not let you down even with the look from outside. Thanks to the elegant design with stainless steel framing, you will place the wine cooler proudly into your kitchen or living room. The ideal temperature setting is possible on the LCD display and moreover, through the inbuilt LED light you will have a prefect control over all 28 bottles, which can fit into the bigger version of ETA wine cooler.