Wine sausage

A spiral one please!


5 kg sausage


120 minutes


1,5 kg   beef shoulder
0,75 kg   pork shoulder
0,75 kg   pork neck/leaner fatback
40 g   salt
1 teaspoonful   white pepper
1/2 teaspoonful   mace
1/2 teaspoonful   nutmeg
    lemon juice squeezed from 1 lemon
8-10 pcs   white toast bread
350 ml   milk
250 ml   dry white wine
1 l   ice-cold water
4 - 6 m   meters soaked casings (pork or mutton)



  1. Clean the meat and chop it into 2 x 2 cm dices ● Separate fat meat from the lean one, season with salt and leave it to cool in the fridge, preferably for a day ● Slice the toasted bread and soak it in wine ● Using the meat grinder, mince the lean meat, bread rolls, spices and milk together twice ● Mince the fat meat just once ● Combine all the ingredients with the mixing whisk ● Stirring constantly, add as much ice-cold water as the mixture can take
  2. Push the casings onto the attachment for stuffing sausages, tie a knot at the end ● Put the meat into the hopper and start the appliance at low speed while holding the casing in such a way so that it unfolds evenly stuffed (not overstuffed) ● Twist the stuffed casing on the work surface into a circle ● At about 5 from the casing end, stop the stuffing and remove the sausage from the attachment ● Tie a knot in the end ● You can make screw-like shapes or pierce the sausages with a wooden skewer to keep the shape
  3. Warm the sausages in water for 15 to 20 minutes at 70 to 75 °C ● Cool them in ice-cold water ● Leave them to dry ● Now you can fry the sausages in a pan or on a barbecue grill, or freeze them for later use