Air humidifiers

Create a pleasant surrounding and breathe just fresh air with the new ETA humidifiers. Fresh and good quality air is the basis for the health of your whole family. Dry air, especially during warm months, is arduous not only for you, but also for your house equipment. The equipment is suffering, because of the extreme drought and therefore its lifetime decreases. Several adjustable levels and continual service up to 63 hours ensures that your home will become a healthier place.

You can then choose from Airis or Airco models, which have extended warranty on 3 years. ETA Airco humidifiers will last working 72 hours, which makes it number one on the market. You can exactly adjust the beginning and the end of the humidifier's service on the LSD display, complemented by touch control. Ultrasound technology, which was applied to this machine, serves to the effective and linear atomization and it will arrange total quietness. There is also a bonus, in the form of integrated bins for aromatic oils that will perfume your household.


Fill your household with fresh air and breathe healthier than ever before.

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