Cookies Declaration

Information about cookie files

July, 2022

What are cookies

Cookie are small text files that are stored in your PC by the internet browser upon request made by individual web pages you are viewing. The web pages can retrospectively require the content of the file, according to which they recognize the pages you have already visited, whether you already have put some items to your shopping basket or you are logged in. The cookies are necessary for correct functioning of most web pages.

What types of files are used by us

You can view cookie files at our web pages with respect to the period of validity or purpose.


  • short-term cookies - are active during your visit and several minutes. After leaving the web pages, they become invalid. They are of assistance for basic functions of our internet pages.
  • long-term cookies  - are active several days or months. They facilitate setting of our internet pages and if your return back to that pages, they assist in your logging in or reminding the offer on our internet pages in advertising sections of other webs.


  • Technical cookies: Technical cookies are indispensable for correct functioning of the web as well as all web´s functions. These files allow saving the products in your shopping basket, displaying lists of favourite products, correct functioning of the filters or logging in. Without cookies, web pages will not function properly; in the initial setting they are accepted and cannot be disallowed. These cookies do not store any identifiable personal information.
  • Marketing cookies: The marketing cookies are divided into three categories: analytical cookies, personalised cookies and advertising cookies. These cookies help optimizing the offer for the customers and addressing them on advertising areas of other web pages.  These cookies are subject to your acceptance. If you do not accept, you will be able to visit our internet pages and buy, as before. However, you will not be able to view product videos placed with individual products, if you not accept these cookies.
    • Analytical cookies: Analytical cookies allow us to measure the performance of our web and our advertising campaigns. They help us identifying the number of visits as well as the sources of the visits of our internet pages. The data acquired using these cookies are processed in a summarised manner, without using identifiers that refer to any specific user of our web. If you deactivate analytical cookies in your browser, we are not able to analyse the performance of our web and, consecutively, to optimize the performance.
    • Personalised cookies. Personalised cookies are used for matching our business to the needs and interests of our customers, thus offering a better buying experience to you. Thanks to personalised cookies, we are able to adjust our offer directly for you. Thanks to personalised cookies, you avoid recommendation of inadequate products or useless special offers for you.
    • Advertising cookies. Advertising cookies are used by us and/or our partners to display appropriate contents or advertisements on our pages and/or third-party pages.

Based on this information, direct identification of your identity is almost impossible, since solely anonymised data are utilised. If you do not accept the cookies, you will not receive the data and advertisements tailored to your preferences and needs.

Setting cookies

You can set cookies here or in your browser.

Who will have access to cookies

The cookies are used, among others, to modify the advertisements according to your preferences, both on these pages or elsewhere. For this purpose, we allow third parties to store cookies that help them collecting data on your behaviour on our web or displaying personalised offers and focused advertisements on other web pages than our internet pages.

If you wish to play a product video placed in the product description, your cookies will be acquired by the operator of the platform, on which the product video has been posted. In this case, your consent is required: if you do not accept marketing cookies, you will not be able to view the product video.

Processing time of cookies

Processing time of cookies, i.e. their expiration, varies and differs in time. You can find this time in the setting of your browser.

Rights of the data subjects

You are entitled to ask details about processing your personal data from us, and we will provide you with the required information free of charge. However, be advised that in case of repeated or unreasonable requests, we can charge the costs associated with provision of the information to you or refuse your request for information. 

You also can also require deletion of your personal data. In this way, you can disapprove processing of the marketing cookies at any moment.

You can raise objection against processing your personal data or refer to the Personal Data Protection Authority, if you believe our company is processing your personal data unlawfully.