Support for the ETA Raggio robotic vacuum cleaner

Below you will find hints and tips for your robotic vacuum cleaner:    

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 General requirements

The app is intended only for mobile phones with the Android 4.0 and higher operating system and IOS 7.0 and higher operating system. It can also be used on tablets, but full compatibility is not guaranteed.



If you don't see the ETA Raggio app in the Google Play Store, you can download it here by clicking THIS link.



WiFi network requirements

  • 2.4 GHz (with sufficient coverage of the vacuumed area)

  • WPA1 and WPA2 security (WPA2 recommended)

  • the vacuum cleaner can be paired and used only on one WiFi network (SSID) at a time

  • if you are not sure whether your router meets the above requirements, contact your network administrator

Can the vacuum cleaner be used without the app?

Yes. However, you will not be able to use the features that the ETA RAGGIO app offers. Without it, only basic functions are available:

  • automatic cleaning
  • local cleaning
  • the vacuum cleaner can be sent to the charging station.


When pairing the robotic vacuum cleaner with a WiFi network for the first time, use the QUICK GUIDE or the operating instructions that are part of the vacuum cleaner package. Alternatively, you can find it in the "Download" section.

The basic requirement is:

  • an active home WiFi network with sufficiently strong signal;
  • a smart device with the ETA RAGGIO app installed;
  • a sufficiently charged battery in the vacuum cleaner (at least 35%);
  • to switch on the vacuum cleaner and launch the app and, according to the instructions, set up a user account and carry out the pairing.

How can I contribute to successful pairing?

  • Use only smart devices with supported versions of Android and IOS operating systems.
  • Use a quality WiFi router that will safely cover your home with a strong enough signal.
  • Keep the smart device close to the vacuum cleaner (up to approx. 2 m) during pairing.

If the pairing does not go as it should, focus on the following:

  • check whether the vacuum cleaner is within the WiFi signal range;
  • use ONLY characters a-z and 0-9 in the WiFi network name (SSID) (do not use diacritics and characters such as "_, -, *, @, +, - or "space""!). The total number of characters should be 8-16 (the same rules also apply to the password);
  • if your router supports dual operation on two frequencies (2.4 and 5 GHz), we recommend that you turn off the network when pairing 5 GHz (then you can reactivate it);
  • some programmes (e.g. VPN, firewall, etc.) that you use on the phone may interfere with the communication between the vacuum cleaner and the phone. Turn off these programmes for the pairing process;
  • turn off Bluetooth on your mobile device when pairing;
  • make sure that the battery in the vacuum cleaner is at least 35% charged;
  • try pairing with another phone to rule out issues with the phone that you are using;
  • in case of problems with account registration, check whether the field for entering an account contains invisible characters, spaces, etc.
  • try to create a new account to rule out the issue of incorrect account activation;
  • verify whether the settings of the WiFi network and the operating system of the smart device meet the specified requirements;
  • when pairing, make sure your phone is connected to the same WiFi network to which you want to pair the vacuum cleaner (same SSID);
  • if the vacuum cleaner has already been paired and is now in OFFLINE mode (disconnected from the WiFi network), you must first delete it from the account (in the app, click on MORE / MY VACUUM CLEANERS - pencil icon / DELETE). Then log out of the account (click MORE / MY ACCOUNT / LOGOUT) in the app. Then restart the vacuum cleaner (switch it off and on using the red main switch) and your phone, log in again and repeat the pairing process;
  • if possible, try to restart the WiFi router yourself.

To control the vacuum cleaner by multiple users, proceed as follows:

  • each user must create their own account in the ETA RAGGIO app;
  • the user who was the first to pair their mobile phone with the vacuum cleaner is the administrator and has the option to set up the sharing of the vacuum cleaner with other users;
  • the administrator with an already paired vacuum cleaner must proceed as follows - click on MORE / MY VACUUM CLEANERS in the app - pencil icon / SHARE - add another user's account (phone number or email) to the free field, select ADD to complete.

What if I cannot register my email/phone number?

In some cases, the field for entering a phone number or email allows you to enter characters that cannot be seen at first glance - in other words, behind the visible part there are other characters that cannot be seen but can be deleted. This sometimes leads to confusion and errors – as a result, the system does not allow you to register the wrong email/number format. The solution is simple - clear the input field and enter the phone number or email again. 

 Hints and tips, issues

Hints and Tips

    Can the individual defined zones overlap?


    Can I name the defined zone arbitrarily?

    Yes, although you have a choice of some pre-set zone name options, you can create your own name.

    Why doesn’t the vacuum cleaner clean at the scheduled time?

    • The vacuum cleaner must not be in "Pause" mode (interrupted or incomplete cleaning).
    • The vacuum cleaner must be in "Idle" mode or located in the charging station. 

    Why does the map get deleted?

    • The vacuum cleaner did not start cleaning upon leaving the charging station;
    • The environment around the charging station has changed (e.g. by moving the charging station, furniture, kneeling in front of the vacuum cleaner, putting a box down, etc.).

    After trouble-free use, the map has rotated or shifted. How do I solve this problem?

    • This can be caused by several factors (or a combination of them):
      • Significant layout changes in the environment in which the vacuum cleaner moves (moving furniture, placing new objects in the room, etc.); the vacuum cleaner needs "sharp corners" (the so-called reference points) for correct orientation. Therefore, try to keep as many corners as possible free and do not place any objects in them;
      • Improper placement or relocation of the charging station; if possible, do not move the charging station or place it in the corner of the room and leave sufficient free space in front of the charging station (approx. 1.5 m) and on its sides (approx. 0.5 m);
      • Carrying the vacuum cleaner; limit carrying the vacuum cleaner as much as possible;
      • Movement of persons in the immediate vicinity of the vacuum cleaner when the vacuum cleaner is cleaning (children, animals, etc.).
      • Surfaces with high gloss and reflectivity located at a height of about 12 cm above the floor (stainless steel furniture, mirrors, etc.)
    • If the map is rotated, shifted or otherwise deformed, you will need to delete the map and then create a new map, including defining all zones.
    • Delete the map in the app ("History" section, "Delete map" option). WARNING! By performing this step, you will also lose the entire previous history of cleaning.


    If an error message appears in the app (the vacuum cleaner lights up red), check the part of the vacuum cleaner and clean it according to the instructions in the operating manual.

    Range of possible error messages:

    • LIDAR (this is a laser module on the top of the vacuum cleaner). A module is located under the cover, which must easily rotate within the range of 360 °. In this part, for example, hair, plant leaves, etc. can get caught. Make sure that the part is loose, and no object obstructs it. For cleaning, use e.g. tweezers (LIDAR cannot be removed);
    • FAN (suction fault - service required)
    • WHEELS
    • ETC.

    In the manual and in the "For download" section, you will also find a table of possible issues in the event that the vacuum cleaner signals a fault by means of sound signals and flashing lights.

    The app hangs or “freezes”.

    Restart the app and if that does not help, restart your smart device.

    The movement of the vacuum cleaner in the app is “jerky” and has a long response.

    Check the signal strength and stability of your WiFi network. It is possible that the vacuum cleaner cleans in places with insufficient WiFi network signal.

    The app does not respond to anything, although it has always worked properly. How do I solve this problem?

    The situation is probably caused by a change that took place in your phone (e.g. installation of other apps, system updates, etc.) or on the WiFi network. If you cannot solve the problem by reverting the changes on your phone or WiFi network, uninstall and reinstall the ETA RAGGIO app.

    If all the above procedures and tips fail and you rule out an error on the part of your telephone and WiFi network, contact us by emailing

     For download

    Operating instructions in PDF are available below.

    1) Operating instructions for the vacuum cleaner and the application 

    2) “Quick guide" 

    3) ETA Raggio APP apk file Android/Google Play)