Support for the ETA Aquilo robotic vacuum cleaner

Below you will find hints and tips for your robotic vacuum cleaner: 


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General requirements

The app is only for mobile phones running Android 8.0 and above and IOS 11.0 and above. 

Wifi network requirements

  • 2.4 GHz (with sufficient coverage of the vacuumed area)
  • WPA1 and WPA2 security (WPA2 is recommended)
  • the vacuum cleaner can be paired and used on only one Wifi network simultaneously (SSID)
  • if you are not sure whether your router meets the above requirements, contact your network administrator


    Can the vacuum cleaner be used without the app?

    Yes. However, only in a mode where only one type of cleaning can be used (automatic cleaning). To use the vacuum cleaner to its full potential, we recommend using it together with the ETA AQUILO app.


    Pairing the vacuum cleaner

    Always follow the steps in the ETA AQUILO app.



    The basic requirement is:

    • active home Wifi network with a sufficiently strong signal;
    • smart device with ETA AQUILO app installed;
    • sufficiently charged battery in the vacuum cleaner (at least 35%);
    • turn on the vacuum cleaner and start the application and follow the instructions to create a user account and perform the pairing itself.


    How can I contribute to a successful pairing?

    • Use only smart devices with supported versions of Android and IOS operating systems.
    • Use a quality Wifi router that safely covers your home with a sufficiently strong signal.
    • Keep your smart device close to the vacuum cleaner during pairing (within approx. 2 m).


    If there is a problem with the pairing, focus on the following:

    • check that the vacuum cleaner is within range of a Wifi signal;
    • the Wifi network name (SSID) must use ONLY the characters a-z and 0-9 (do not use diacritics and characters like "_, -, *, @, +, - or "space"!). The same rules apply to the password;
    • if your router supports dual-frequency operation (2.4 and 5 GHz), we recommend that you turn off the 5 GHz network when pairing (you can then reactivate it). The vacuum cleaner pairs more reliably only on the 2.4 GHz Wifi network;
    • the communication between the vacuum cleaner and your phone may be interfered with by some programs (e.g. VPN, firewall, etc.) that you use on your phone. For the pairing process, disable these programs;
    • check that the battery in the vacuum cleaner is at least 35% charged;
    • try pairing with another phone to rule out a problem on that phone;
    • try creating a new account to avoid the problem of incorrect account activation;
    • verify that the Wifi network settings and operating system of the smart device meet the specified requirements;
    • when pairing, make sure your phone is connected to the same Wifi network you want to pair the vacuum cleaner to (same SSID);
    • if possible, try restarting the Wifi router itself.


    Dual Wifi network:

    • If you have a smart WIFI router in your home that automatically switches the network frequency between 2.4GHz and 5GHz ( within a single SSID network name), you may experience problems pairing or disconnecting from the Internet during operation. If these problems occur, we recommend switching the router to transmit on two separate frequencies (SSID names), one at 2.4 GHz, the other at 5 GHz.
    • This setting is usually set in the WIFI router's administration interface. If you are unable to change this yourself, please contact your network administrator or IT specialist.


    For multi-user control of the vacuum cleaner, proceed as follows:

    • each user must create their own account in the ETA AQUILO app;
    • the user who first paired their mobile with the vacuum cleaner is the administrator and has the option to set up sharing of the vacuum cleaner with other users;
    • the administrator has a greater range of authority to control the vacuum cleaner than the users with whom the vacuum cleaner is shared.


    Hints and tips, problems


    Hints and tips

    Can the defined zones overlap?

    Yes, they can.


    Creating a map for the first time

    During the first mapping, carefully observe the robot's behaviour and make sure that all obstacles are removed (doors open, floor tidy, etc.). This will avoid possible problems and errors in the map created.

    To create a map, send the vacuum cleaner out of the charging station for automatic cleaning. When the automatic cleaning is complete, a map will be created, divided according to the room layout. These rooms will be distinguished by color and can be edited by editing the map. If you have created a map that is all grey, the mapping has not been done correctly. We recommend repeating the map creation process again.


    Can I name the defined zone as I wish?

    Yes, you have a choice of some preset zone name options or you can create your own name.


    Why is the map deleted?

    • The vacuum cleaner did not start cleaning by leaving the charging station;
    • The environment in the area around the charging station has changed (e.g. moving the charging station, furniture, kneeling in front of the vacuum cleaner, putting down the box, etc.).



    If an error message appears in the app (the vacuum cleaner lights up red), check that part of the vacuum cleaner and clean it according to the instructions in the instruction manual.


    The range of possible error messages:

    • LIDAR (this is the laser module on the top of the vacuum cleaner).  The module is located under the cover and must rotate easily through 360°. In this part, e.g. hair, hairs, part of a leaf from a plant, etc. can be wound. Make sure that the part is free and not blocked by any object. For cleaning, use e.g. tweezers (the LIDAR cannot be dismantled);
    • VENTILATOR (intake fault - service intervention required)
    • WHEELS
    • ATD.

    You can also find a table of possible problems in the manual and in the "Downloads" section. 


    The app gets stuck or "freezes".

    Restart the app and if that doesn't help, restart your smart device.


    The movement of the vacuum cleaner in the app is "choppy" and has a long response time.

    Check the signal strength and stability of your Wifi network. It is possible that the vacuum cleaner is cleaning in areas with insufficient Wifi signal.


    The app doesn't respond to anything, even though it has always worked properly. How to solve this problem?

    The situation is probably caused by some change that has taken place on your phone (e.g. installation of additional apps, system update, etc.) or on your Wifi network. If you are unable to resolve the problem by reverting the changes on your phone or Wifi network, uninstall the ETA AQUILO app and reinstall.

    If all the procedures and advice above fail and you rule out a fault with your phone and wi-fi network, contact us at



    Instruction manuals in PDF format are available below. These are available for download at on the subpage of the specific vacuum cleaner.

    Instruction manual for vacuum cleaner ETA7243 Aquilo