ETA Pecenka

traditionally, simply and anywhere

ETA has a solution which makes it possible for you to bake, roast or cook easily in small or large kitchens, at a cottage or on holiday without an increased power consumption. You can thus save up to 80% of energy in comparison to a regular oven. And most importantly: you just need a single appliance! ETA Pecenka portable electric oven. 

Explore the product designed by Czech market leader, which guarantees a high quality standard for best price!

of the ETA Pecenka

Healthy way of preparing food.

High heating efficiency - power 500 W.

portable electric oven


Professional quality for home use.

Use for: cooking, stewing, baking and maintaining hot food.

A 4.3 l container.

simply and anywhere …

The ETA Pecenka in space-saving and compact design is suitable for modern kitchen, as well as cottage or halls of residence. Pecenka enables you to prepare freshly cooked food even on holiday in a few minutes of your time. Cooking in universal one pot saves your time when preparing a lunch is all about cutting, spice, and the rest will be handled by Pecenka.

Development of the mini electric oven

"I remember that we used to have a similar mini electric oven at our cottage. With an elegant patina, of course. The pot was rather large, you could fit a whole chicken in it. When you were cooking in it, the lovely scent wafted across the entire room. On the other hand, I was always a bit anxious when using it. The red-hot cover commanded respect and you had to have a pad ready where you could place the cover when removed. Moreover, the cable connection seemed equally dangerous. These were the things that I recalled automatically when I started working on the ETA Pečenka project. In addition to the parameters that were requested, I wanted to ensure that the new Pečenka will not have the weak points it used to have. The aim was to design an appliance which will guarantee that the user will not have to worry that an accident might happen when using it. This is reflected in the shape of the bottom plastic base where the pot is positioned. This way, contact with the hot pot is avoided. Zdeněk Veverka The cover was designed so as to make its handling safe and so as to minimize the risk of burns. The design is based on the requirement for a solid base which allows clear-cut handling and gives you a feeling of safety. Almost from the very beginning, the colour scheme of the individual components was also taken into account. In the end, a neutral combination of colours was selected which works well in any kitchen."

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