Aurum Pro - Support for the robotic vacuum cleaner

Below are recommendations and tips for your robotic vacuum cleaner:   

General requirements

Vacuum cleaner pairing

Recommendations and tips, problems




 General requirements

The application is only destined for mobile phones with the operation system of Android 6.0 and higher and IOS 11.0 and higher. In order to make full use of all the functions of the app and to understand them correctly, please first read the ETA SMART User Guide carefully.


Requirements for Wi-Fi networks

  • 2.4 GHz (with the sufficient covering of the area to be cleaned up)
  • WPA1 and WPA2 security (WPA2 is recommended)
  • the vacuum cleaner can be paired and used at one moment on only one Wi-Fi network (SSID)
  • if you are not sure whether your router meets the above-mentioned requirements, contact your network administrator


May the vacuum cleaner be used without the application?

Yes.  The ETA SMART Application, however, widens some functions and enables you to use the full range of the vacuum cleaner potential.


 Vacuum cleaner pairing

Please use USER’S MANUAL FOR ETA SMART APPLICATION, which is available in the "Download" section, for the first pairing the robotic vacuum cleaner with a Wi-Fi network. Always follow particular steps of ETA SMART Application. 


The basic requirement is:

  • active home Wi-Fi network with a sufficiently strong signal;
  • smart device with the installed ETA SMART Application;
  • sufficiently charged battery in the vacuum cleaner (at least 30 %);
  • switch-on the vacuum cleaner, start the application, create a user’s account according to the instructions and carry out pairing itself.


How can I contribute to successful pairing?

  • Use only smart devices with supported versions of the Android and IOS operation systems.
  • Use a high-quality Wi-Fi router, which covers for a certainty your house with a sufficiently strong signal.
  • Keep your smart device close to the vacuum cleaner during pairing (within 2 m).


If something is going wrong during pairing, check the following:


  • verify that the vacuum cleaner is in reach of the Wi-Fi signal;
  • the Wi-Fi network name (SSID) should contain ONLY signs a-z and 0-9 (don’t use diacritical signs such as "_, -, *, @, +, - or “gap”!). The same rules apply to passwords;
  • n case your router supports dual operation on two frequencies (2.4 and 5 GHz), we recommend turning off the 5 GHz network when pairing (after that you can reactivate it, but it is ideal to have a separate 2.4 GHz network created for the robot). The robot can only work with 2.4GHz network, if the network switches to 5GHz, there may be problems with connection and unpairing;
  • communication between the vacuum cleaner and mobile phone may be disturbed by some programs (for example, VPN, firewall, etc.), which you use in your phone.Switch-off these programs during pairing procedure;
  • check whether the battery in the vacuum cleaner is at least 30 % charged;
  • try pairing with another phone to exclude problems in this phone;
  • try to create a new account to exclude problems with wrong activation of the account;
  • check whether the Wi-Fi network settings and the smart device operation system corresponds to the defined requirements;
  • make sure that your phone is connected during pairing to the same Wi-Fi network to which you want to pair the vacuum cleaner itself (the same SSID);
  • if possible, try restart of the Wi-Fi router itself.


Dual Wifi network:



  • If you have an intelligent WIFI router in your home that automatically switches the network frequency between 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz ( within a single SSID network name), you may experience problems when pairing or disconnecting from the internet during operation. If these problems occur, we recommend switching the router to transmit on two separate frequencies (SSID names), one at 2.4 GHz, the other at 5 GHz.

  • This setting is usually set in the WIFI router's administration interface. If you cannot change this yourself, contact your network administrator or IT specialist.


To control the vacuum cleaner by more than one user, proceed as follows:

  • each user has to create his/her own account in ETA SMART Application;
  • a user who as first paired his/her mobile phone with the vacuum cleaner is the administrator and has a possibility to set sharing the vacuum cleaner with other users;
  • the administrator has a bigger range of authorizations for the control of the vacuum cleaner than the users with which he/she shares it.


PAIRING the vacuum cleaner with the charging station

From the factory, the robot is automatically paired with the station, or the process will take place automatically when the charging station and vacuum cleaner are switched on for the first time. However, if unpairing occurs, the station needs to be connected to the robot again. An unpaired station is manifested by the suction function not working. An error message in the application will inform you of this fact.

Follow the instructions below to pair:

  1. First, turn on both the station and the vacuum cleaner
  2. Place the vacuum cleaner away from the charging station
  3. Press the "charge" and "main switch" buttons at the same time for 3-5 seconds until you hear a beep, the robot will enter the automatic pairing state
  4. Turn off the robot and turn it on again after a while
  5. After switching on and the opening melody, you will hear a confirmation signal from the charging station

If suction still does not work, repeat the procedure.


 Recommendations and tips, problems

Recommendations and tips

    Does the vacuum cleaner have any RESET function to troubleshoot various problems?

    Yes. The button is located on the side of the robot (after removing the magazine). Marked in the manual as position A14. You can also perform a reset in the application by removing the paired device ("Remove device") and confirming the option "Disconnect and delete data").


    May separately defined zones be overlapped?



    Creating a map for the first time

    When first mapping the robot's behaviour, observe carefully and make sure that all obstacles are removed (doors open, floor tidy, etc.). This will avoid possible problems and errors in the created map.

    To create the map, send the vacuum cleaner to Auto Clean from the charging station. When the cleaning is complete, leave the vacuum cleaner parked in the charging station again. When you return, the map will be displayed, divided according to the room layout. These rooms will be distinguished by colour and can be edited by editing the map. If you get a map that is only grey, the mapping was not done correctly. We recommend that you send the vacuum cleaner to automatically clean the entire apartment again and let it complete the entire cleaning.



    Why is a map being erased?

    • The vacuum cleaner started cleaning not by leaving the charging station;
    • Environment in the area near the charging station was changed (for example, transposition of the charging station, furniture, you knelt in front of the vacuum cleaner, putting a box, etc.).



    If an error message appears in the application (the vacuum cleaner lights up with red light), check the defined part of the vacuum cleaner and clean up it according to the instructions in the manual.

    Review of possible error messages:

    • LIDAR (it is a laser module in the upper part of the vacuum cleaner). The module, situated under the cover, has to rotate easily in a range of 360°. Problem can be
      caused, for example, by wound hair, animal hairs, by parts of house plant leaves, etc. Make sure that this component is free movable and that no items block it. Use, for example, a tweezer for cleaning (it is impossible to demount the LIDAR module);
    • FAN (suction fault - service intervention required)
    • WHEELS (remove any tangled hair or lint that may block movement, if everything is clean and moves freely, service will be required)
    • BRUSHES (remove any tangled hair or hairs that may block movement, if everything is clean and moves freely, a service intervention will be required)
    • ANTI-FALL SENSORS (clean the sensors, if the problem is not caused by dirt, the robot needs to be checked in service)
    • FRONT BUMPER (clean its sensors and test its mobility around the entire perimeter - that is, whether it can be folded and is not blocked by some object. If it moves freely and evenly and the defect still persists, contact the service center.

    You may also find a table with possible problems in the manual and in the "Download" section.


    Suction does not work

    This problem can have 2 main causes. Electronic and mechanical.

    In the case of an electronic cause, the station is unpaired with the vacuum cleaner, and both parts need to be paired again. Re-pair the charging station with the vacuum cleaner according to the procedure in the pairing section. The application itself informs you about the necessity of pairing with an error message.

    The mechanical cause then consists in checking the movable element that is hidden in the lower part of the suction hole of the station (under the rubber). As soon as the robot enters the station, it presses this mechanism and the station recognizes that it can start suction. Sometimes, however, it can happen that the mechanism remains stuck and it is necessary to gently "click" it manually.


    The application gets jammed or is “frozen”.

    Restart the application. If it doesn’t help, restart your smart device.



    Vacuum cleaner movement in the application is “twitching” and with long response.

    Check power and stability of your Wi-Fi network signal. It is possible that the vacuum cleaner cleans up in rooms with insufficient Wi-Fi network signal.



    The application doesn’t react at all, although was functioning well earlier. How can I solve this problem?

    Most probably, the situation is caused by a change, which has been performed in your phone (for example, installation of other applications, system update, etc.) or in the Wi-Fi network. If you cannot solve the problem by returning your phone or Wi-Fi network to the state before changing, uninstall ETA SMART Application and install it again.


    In case of failure of the all above-mentioned procedures and recommendations and if you can exclude an error on the part of your phone and Wi-Fi network, contact us at e-mail



    Below you can find user’s manuals in PDF format. They are available to download at in the sub-page of a particular vacuum cleaner.

    1) Instruction manual for ETA6241 AURUM PRO robotics vacuum cleaner

    2) Instruction manual for ETA SMART / ETA6241 APP

    3) Alexa/Google Home voice assistant