Support for the ETA Rondo robotic vacuum cleaner

Below  you will find advice and tips for your robot vacuum:      

General requirements

Robot vacuum pairing

Advice and tips, problems



General requirements

The app is intended only for mobile telephones with Android 6.0 and higher or IOS 9.0 and higher.
It can also be used in tablets, however, its full compatibility is not guaranteed in this case.

Requirements for WiFi network

  • 2.4 GHz (sufficient coverage of the area to be cleaned)
  • WPA1 and WPA2 protection (WPA2 recommended)
  • the robot vacuum can be matched and used only in one Wi-Fi network (SSID) at the same time
  • if your are not sure that your router complies with all requirements above, contact your network

Can the robot vacuum be also used without the app?

Yes. Your vacuum robot will be supplied with conventional remote controller and, consequently, operated without the app and Wi-Fi connection. However, the app will extend and complement some functions.


Robot vacuum pairing

For the first matching of the robot vacuum with the Wifi network, consistently follow the instructions and individual steps in the app.


Basic requirement:

  • active home WIFI network with strong signal;
  • smart unit with installed ETA SMART app;
  • charged battery in your robot vacuum (minimum 35 % of battery capacity);
  • switch on the robot vacuum, start the app, open your user account following the instructions and carry out the matching procedure.

What can I do for matching success?

  • Use only smart units with supported Android and IOS versions.
  • Use quality WIFI router guaranteeing strong signal in the entire area of your home.
  • In the course of the matching procedure, keep your smart unit near the robot vacuum (within approx. 2 m).

If the matching procedure cannot be successfully completed, observe the following:

  • check whether your robot vacuum is located within the reach of your WIFI signal;
  • use ONLY letters (a-z) and numerals (0 – 9) when entering the name of your WIFI network (SSID). Do not use diacritical signs and symbols, such as "_, -, *, @, +, - or "space""!
  • If your router supports dual operation in two frequency bands (2.4 and 5 GHz), switching off your WIFI network is recommended in the course of matching with 5 GHz (after matching, you can re-activate your WIFI);
  • some programs (e.g. VPN, firewall etc.) used in your smartphone can disturb communication between the smartphone and a robot vacuum. Switch off these programs during the matching procedure;
  • check whether the vacuum robot battery has been charged at least to 35 % of its capacity;
  • try matching with any other smartphone to identify whether the problem is not in your smartphone;
  • try to open a new user account to identify whether the problem is in wrong activation of your existing account;
  • check whether WIFI setting and smart unit operation system meet required standards;
  • be sure your smartphone has been connected to the same WIFI network as the one used for matching with the vacuum robot (the same SSID);
  • try to restart the WIFI router, if possible..

Observe the following rules for operating the same vacuum robot by several users:

  • every user must have opened his/her own user account in the ETA SMART app;
  • the user who was the first to match his/her smartphone with the vacuum robot is the administrator and can set sharing the robot vacuum with other users;
  • having matched the vacuum robot, the administrator must proceed as follows: click on MORE (pencil icon on the upper right of the main screen) / SHARED UNITS/ADD SHARING. Then complete box "Country / area" and "Account number ".



Advice and tips, problems

Advice and tips

Why the robot vacuum does not complete cleaning in the period of time as planned?

  • Device´s main switch must be on.
  • Cleaning in the app must be on (activated).

Can I set mopping function in the app?

  • Yes. 3 mopping intensity levels are available.


If an error message will be displayed in the app, check the relevant section of the robot vacuum and clean it in accordance with the instruction of use.

Error messages are displayed for the following parts of the vacuum robot:

  • FAN (suction failure- technical service required)
  • ETC.

In section "Download", you will find the instruction, including the table of potential problems that trigger error messages using light and sound signal.

The app got stuck or “has frozen“.

Restart your app. If the failure continues, restart your smart device.

The app does not respond at all, however, it has always functioned correctly so far. How to sort out this problem?

Most likely, this situation was caused by a change that has occurred in your smartphone (typically, installation of another apps, system update etc.) or in the WIFI network. If your are not able to sort out the problem by undoing the changes in your smartphone or WIFI network, uninstall ETA SMART app and install it again.

If all attempts as well as advice above will fail and any failure of your smartphone or WIFI network have been eliminated, contact us at



The instructions of use below are available in PDF format. You can download them from see relevant vacuum robot page.

1) Instruction manual ETA1244 Rondo

2) User’s manual for ETA SMART Application