Air cleaner ETA Ventum 1569 90000 white

SKU: ETA156990000
An air purifier with excellent filtration (up to 99.97% efficiency), UV technology for air sterilization and disinfection, ionization function, very quiet operation.
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The ETA Ventum air purifier is suitable for households with increased air pollution, allergies and pets. Thanks to its excellent filtration level (up to 99.97% efficiency) it removes small particles of dust and pollen from the air at home, captures unwanted odours and animal hair, destroys bacteria and various kinds of viruses.

The highly-efficient HEPA filter 4in1 - combines the carbon HEPA FILTER, glass fibre filter and nylon pre-filter ensure the filtration quality. Filter replacement indication alerts you when the filter needs to be replaced. In the event that you do not correctly insert the filter or cover, the safety lock will not allow the machine to start.

The pollution sensor automatically checks the air purity and adjusts the cleaning speed accordingly. The light indication will inform you about the level of air pollution and the operation of the purifier. If you want to take the air in your home to perfection, you can use the air sterilization and disinfection function with UV technology and the photocatalysis function. Ionization ensures the production of negative ions and active oxygen.

The air purifier is designed to cover 25-30 m2 of floor space with a standard ceiling height. You can choose from 3 fan speeds or AUTO mode. The fan has a highly efficient and quiet operation. The noise level is 39 - 62 dB(A), so the purifier will not disturb you. You can also set the timer to 2.4 to 8 hours of operation. If you place the ETA Ventum in your sleeping room and do not want to be disturbed by light signals, you can activate the sleep mode.
Technical parameters


Air Purifier

* Suitable for homes with increased air pollution, for allergy sufferers and for homes with pets
* Excellent filtration efficiency (up to 99.97%), incl. absorption of odours and capturing of animal hair
* High performance HEPA filter 4 in 1 - in combination with the carbon filter, glass fibre filter and nylon pre-filter
* Optional function of sterilisation and disinfection thanks to the UV technology with photocatalysis
* Ionisation - production of negative ionts and active oxygen
* Remove small particles, odors, pollens, destroy bacteria and various types of viruses
* 3 levels of fan speed + AUTO mode
* Covers up to 25-30 m2 of space
* Airflow max 220 m3/hours.
* Timer from 2.4 to 8 hours
* Highly efficient and silent fan motor
* Automatic control of air quality through pollution sensors
* Light signalisation indicates level of air pollution and operation
* Filters replacement indication
* Safety fuse in case the cover or the lid is not mounted properly
* Sleep mode with very low noise level
* Very quiet operation
* Handle for easy carrying
* Service life: HEPA filter 4 in 1 approx. 3,000 hrs. UV lamp 10,000 hrs.
* Input: 50 W
* Product dimensions: 23 x 18 x 63 cm
* Acoustic noise level range (changes based on the fan speed setting) 39-62 dB(A)
* Power cord length 1.8 m

Air power: 220 m3/h
Cleaning the area: 30 m2
Maximum noise level: 62 dB
Power: 50 W
Indicator of filter condition: Yes
Filter: HEPA filter, Carbon filter, UV lamp
Function: Air quality sensor, Night mode, Air ionization, Timer
Height: over 60 cm

Size of product:
Width: 18.0 cm
Height: 62.5 cm
Depth: 23.0 cm
Weight: 4.38 kg

Size of package:
Width: 28.0 cm
Height: 66.5 cm
Depth: 23.5 cm
Weight: 5.52 kg