Blender ETA Vital Blend 3100 90000 gray/white

SKU: ETA310090000
A high-speed Vital Blend Fit blender with 1800W power as a professional assistant in smoothie and RAW food production.
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The table high-speed blender Vital Blend Fit ETA310090000 is a top-class multifunctional machine that cuts, crushes, blends and mixes hot and cold food. It is ideal for making drinks, cocktails, healthy smoothies, sauces, soups, spreads, ice cream, jams and snacks. Its use is really wide. It specializes mainly in RAW food which is a revolution in healthy eating.

Multiple uses
Electronic control has 6 preset programs. With one button, you can create, for example, smooth hazelnut spread, almond milk, fruit smoothie, crushed ice or vegetable puree. More great recipes can be found in the book called zdRAWě? hRAWě! that you find inside the box. So do not hesitate to mix a healthy snack.

Healthy mixing technology
You can set the mixing time for the ideal chopping of ingredients. Inside the container, there is a unique six-spoke stainless steel knife BlendeX with a serrated blade that cuts the ingredients into a very fine consistency. The Vital Blend Fit can handle up to 26,000 rpm which you can continuously control. By pressing the PULS button, you can accelerate to maximum.
The high speed ensures that our body better absorbs fibre, chlorophyll, minerals, and antioxidants that are obtained especially by a high-speed mixing process that the Vital Blend Fit has. It also handles the so-called hard fibre which is commonly found in inedible root vegetables. They contain a large amount of quality nutrients that the body lacks. Unlike the juicer, it also processes the skins and cores of some fruit which are also very nutrient-rich.

Safe preparation
The mixing container has a capacity of 2 litres and is made of highly durable, harmless Tritan. It does not absorb odours, flavours or colours of food. The mixing container has also a lid with a removable cap. You can add ingredients while mixing without removing the lid and risking the content of the container will get out of it.
Arammer that helps to efficiently mix added ingredients is an extra part of the equipment. You can use it to feed the ingredients towards the mixing knife to grind them.
Technical parameters

Power consumption mixer: 1800 W
The volume of the main container: 2 l
Number of speed degrees: 9
Infinitely variable: Yes
Pulse switch: Yes
Material blender jar: Tritan
Features, accessories: crushes ice, mixing, mixing hot ingredients
Energy source: network

Size of product:
Width: 21.0 cm
Height: 50.0 cm
Depth: 26.5 cm
Weight: 4.70 kg

Size of package:
Width: 29.0 cm
Height: 53.5 cm
Depth: 25.5 cm
Weight: 5.88 kg