Electric baking pot ETA Pečenka MAX 0133 90010

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Traditional electric pan ETA Pečenka made for baking, stewing and cooking. Now with wide range of accessories. Healthy, tasty and energy saving cooking!
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Traditionally, simply, wherever – ETA Pečenka

Electric baking pan designed to various methods of the food preparation. From traditional meat baking, through baked pasta up to stewing and boiling. Meals prepared in the pot do not lose taste, the meat does not dry and the operation saves up to 80% of energy as compared to the traditional oven. Now you can enjoy our additional accessories of model MAX.

Flavor, juicy meat and crusty dessert can be managed outside you modern-fitted household. How? ETA has solution, which will enable you comfortable baking in small flat kitchens, at cottage or on holidays without increase of the energy consumption and you will get it with just one single appliance. Pečenka ETA.

Working bowl of Pečenka is made from anti-adhesive Teflon surface and its practical square shape. You will appreciate it particularly during baking of typical „Johny“ cakes. The lid with stainless rim and special venting holes features practical glass visor. Safe use is ensured also by mechanical switch-off protection at the lid removal. The base is stable and thermal-insulated handles enable safe operation and handling. Practical use is increased by length of supply cable of 1.5 m. Modern design of Pečenka ETA fits also to modern kitchen and / or cottage.

Pečenka MAX includes accessories, which helps you to create many delicious meals according to your wishes.
Central cake mold can be used for preparation of particular cakes.
Protective cover will help you with serving the food and of course is able to keep your meal warm.
Grill rack for your meat, fish, sausages and vegetable. You will be able to prepare all of these meals without additional fat and the risk of burning.

Do you remember? Its more than 50 years ago. New ETA Pečenka is modern high-quality product preserving advantages appreciated by generations of our grandmothers and mums.

And how Zdeněk Veverka, ETA designer, characterizes actual development of the electric baking pan?
„I remember that we have got similar baking bowl in the cottage. However with elegant patina. The bowl was relatively large, it can house whole chicken. During baking it pleasantly flavored whole room. On the other hand, I was always somewhat alarmed to handle with it. The hot lid caused respect and thus it was necessary to prepare a pad to put the lid after removal. Also connection of the cable seemed to be rather dangerous.“
„These moment automatically recollected to me, when I started work on the ETA Pečenka project. In addition to specified parameters I wanted that the new Pečenka should not have the properties, which I disliked on the former baking pot. Thus the intention was to develop appliance, where the user will not suffer fears from accidents during handling. It corresponds to shape of the lower plastic tube, to which baking bowl it to be inserted. This will prevent contact with the hot bowl.“

Design of the lid is drafted to make the handling safe and to minimize the risk of burning. It is based on requirement of rigid structure enabling clear handling and safe notion. The coloring of individual components was drafted from the near start. Finally neutral combination suitable to each kitchen was selected.
Technical parameters


Electric cooker ETA Pečenka MAX
* Traditional way of preparing dishes
* Suitable for baking and grilling (meat and fish), baking sweet desserts, stewing or roasting
* Dishes do not lose theit typical smell and taste, meat is not dry
* Up to 80% more economical than a classic oven
* Lid with a glass hole enables easy control of prepared food
* Professional quality for using in every household
* Original design is suitable for modern kitchen, as well as cottage or halls of residence
* Fast and effective heating, thanks to the heating element in the lid
* Working bowl and the lid are covered with non-stick surface
* Volume 4,3 l
* Size 277 x 277 x 112 mm
* Switch-off with signalisation of operation
* Safety lock against incorrect assembly does not allow switching on the cooker
* Isolated handles for safe operation and easy manipulation
* Stable pedestal, which is used as a base for the container
* Lid with stainless edges and special vantilation holes
* Safety lid cover prevents burning
* Easy and fast assembly
* Easily removable container
* Easily washable surface
* Power cord length 1,5 m
* Input power only 475 W

* Safety lid can be used for covering hot container, it enables safe and easy tipping of prepared dish out of the hot container. It can be also used as a tray.
* Special attachment for desserts is perfect for preparing marble cakes.
* Grill enables easy and healthy food preparation (meat, fishes, vegetables) without unnecessary fat and burning.

Type: electric baking pot
Volume pots/pans: 4,3 l
Power consumption pots/pans: 475 W
Display: without display
Adjustable temperature: no
Function pots: barbecues, baked, cooks, uses the
Timer: no

Size of product:
Width: 45.0 cm
Height: 17.5 cm
Depth: 34.5 cm
Weight: 3.27 kg

Size of package:
Width: 51.5 cm
Height: 21.0 cm
Depth: 39.0 cm
Weight: 4.81 kg