Electric kettle ETA Elsa 5597 90010 white

SKU: ETA559790010
Design electric kettle in stainless steel construction with electronic temperature regulation (40–100 °C), and double safety cover against burns.
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Enjoy time together in the kitchen
The double-walled design of the ETA Elsa kettle prevents unwanted burns. Its outer plastic layer still remains pleasant to the touch, even if it boils properly inside. In addition, safe operation is combined with an original design, which will make this unique kettle an unmissable addition to your kitchen interior.

Use the button on the handle to easily set the desired temperature. This will make it easier for you to prepare green tea, which benefits from a temperature of approximately 70 ° C, or, for example, filtered coffee, for which water of around 90 ° C is suitable. Parents of small children will also appreciate the warming to a pleasant 40 ° C, which will ensure a very gentle preparation of baby food. This is the only way not to damage the important substances that the baby needs.

The clear LED display makes it easier for you to set the temperature, which tells you which temperature to choose for each type of drink:
• 40 ° C (Milk) = baby milk
• 70 ° C (Green) = green teas
• 80 ° C (Oolong) = white teas, some types of oolong tea
• 90 ° C (Coffee) = some types of oolong tea, coffee, instant drinks, soups
• 100 ° C (Black) = black, herbal teas

When the desired temperature is reached, the kettle switches off automatically with a beep. Thanks to the thermos effect, the water cools much more slowly. And if you're still afraid of missing the right moment, rely on the KEEP WARM function, which keeps the water warm for up to two hours.

Sesame, open up!
After pressing the button on the lid, the kettle opens itself so that you can comfortably fill it with water. Its current amount will reveal the inner watermark. Up to 1.5 liters of water can be heated at a time, is enough for up to six ordinary cups (250 ml) of tea or other hot beverage.

The central connector helps to easily place the kettle on the base, and thanks to the hidden heating element, regular maintenance is also almost effortless.

A reliable fuse will also take care of your safety. It is activated when idling, when the kettle is removed from the base or in the event of imminent overheating.
Technical parameters


Double cover electric kettle with temperature regulation

* Input: 1800 W
* Capacity: 1.5 L
* Double cover significantly reduces the risk of burns
* Smooth water temperature regulation 40 - 100 °C (ideal for the green tea preparation, instant drinks or food, baby food, etc.)
• 40 °C = breast milk,
• 70 °C = green tea,
• 80 °C = white tea,
• 90 °C = oolong tea, coffee, instant drinks, soups
• 100 °C = black, herbal teas
* KEEP WARM function for maintaining the water temperature at the set temperature
* Well-arranged LED display
* Water temperature display function
* Automatic shut-off system after reaching boiling point or set temperature
* Triple safety system ensures safety fuse activation in case of overheating or idling
* Hidden heating element under stainless steel bottom enables easy maintenance
* Central connector for easy placement of the kettle
* The lid is easily opened with the button in the handle
* Thanks to a clear watermark it is possible to easily measure the water level
* Light and sound signalization of the kettle operation
* Space for power cord winding

Volume kettle: 1,5 l
Wattage kettles: 1800 W
Water quantity indicator: No
Base: center connector - 360 °
Type of heating: hidden heating spiral - flat bottom
Temperature regulation: Yes
Travel: No
Material: stainless steel
Color: white
Retro: No
Digital temperature indicator: Yes
Double-layer design: Yes
With an infuser: No

Size of product:
Width: 20.5 cm
Height: 27.5 cm
Depth: 16.0 cm
Weight: 1.24 kg

Size of package:
Width: 19.5 cm
Height: 26.5 cm
Depth: 18.5 cm
Weight: 1.49 kg