Electric kettle ETA Isabela 1587 90000 black

SKU: ETA158790000
The Isabela designer electric kettle which can regulate the temperature for various types of tea, coffee and baby food. High output of 2200W.
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The Isabela ETA158790000 designer stainless-steel kettle with an elegant high-gloss casing makes a great addition to any modern kitchen. You can also choose either a strong black finish or a sober white one.

Expert on brewing coffee or tea
Tea or coffee lovers will surely appreciate the temperature regulation when making their favourite hot beverage. As we all know, green, white, black or herbal tea and various kinds of coffee require the right water temperature to obtain the most diverse tastes. With the ETA Isabela electric kettle, you can savour the taste of your tea or coffee to the full.

It makes life easier for mothers when preparing baby milk and baby pap. It provides you with the ideal temperature of water for immediate consumption of the food. No need to worry that your little ones might scald their tongues.
Water heats up really fast and with the KEEP WARM function, the kettle will maintain the required water temperature for several more minutes.

Triple safety system
The kettle features a triple safety system which activates the safety indicator when the kettle is overheated, runs when there is no water in the kettle, or if the kettle is removed from the base. Easy opening with the button in the handle. It features operation signal lights and sound signals, auto shut-off system, water level indicator to check the amount of water and LCD display showing the current water temperature.
Technical parameters


* Input: 2200W
* Capacity: 1.7L

* Smooth water heating temperature control 30 - 100°C (ideal when making green tea, instant drinks or food, baby food, etc.)
• 40°C = formula,
• 50°C = baby pap,
• 60°C = hot drinks,
• 70°C = green tea,
• 80°C = white tea,
• 90°C = oolong tea, coffee, instant drinks, soup
• 100°C = black, herbal tea

* The KEEP WARM function to maintain the water temperature at the level you set
* Water heats up really fast
* LCD display with blue backlight
* Auto shut-off system when water begins to boil or the set temperature is reached
* Triple safety system which activates the safeguard if there is a risk of overheating, if there is no water in the kettle or if the kettle is removed from the base
* Easy-to-remove and wash filtration sieve against build-up of scale deposits
* Concealed heating element under the flat stainless-steel bottom for easy maintenance
* With the STRIX centre connector, the kettle can be easily positioned on the base
* Easy opening of the lid with a button in the handle
* Water level indicator in the rear part of the kettle allows you to check the water level
* Operation signal lights and sound
* Power cable rewind storage system in the base
* Combination of stainless steel and high-quality plastic

Volume kettle: 1,7 l
Wattage kettles: 2200 W
Water quantity indicator: Yes
Base: center connector - 360 °
Type of heating: hidden heating spiral - flat bottom
Temperature regulation: Yes
Thermometer: Yes
Travel: No
Material: stainless steel
Color: black
Retro: No
Digital temperature indicator: No
Double-layer design: No
With an infuser: No

Size of product:
Width: 21.5 cm
Height: 24.0 cm
Depth: 15.5 cm
Weight: 1.19 kg

Size of package:
Width: 20.0 cm
Height: 27.5 cm
Depth: 16.5 cm
Weight: 1.54 kg