Espresso ETA Artista PRO 5181 90000 inox

SKU: ETA518190000
All-metal lever coffee maker with overpressure and standard baskets, built-in coffee grinder, and professional lever of diameter 58 mm.
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Inspired by love to coffee
A professional all-metal design tells you much about manual coffee machine ETA Artista PRO. It stands out from other coffee machines thanks not only to its design but more importantly thanks to its performance. You can penetrate the mysteries of professional coffee or just prepare a delicious cup of coffee comfortably from your home any time you want.

The integrated coffee bean grinder with regulation of grinding roughness then ensures its maximum freshness, intense taste and unmistakable aroma. It is very easy to use - after setting the required grinding roughness, the grinder is started by pressing the lever with the bowl to its outlet. After filling and removing the lever, grinding is stopped again.

In addition, the coffee bean hopper located at the top is transparent, so you will always have an overview of the amount of coffee inside.

The grinder can also be conveniently removed and cleaned. You will appreciate this not only during regular maintenance, but also when changing the type of coffee. This will prevent unwanted mixing of flavors and aromas.

For gourmets and easy-going coffee lovers
If you want to give it your best shot, two standard stainless steel baskets are here for you – they are just like the ones used by professional barista. After you fine-tune all parameters, including intensity of grinding coffee, its amount and pushing intensity, a professionally prepared espresso will be your reward.

However, if you are not one of those who take pleasure in coffee preparation ritual, you can just use two overpressure stainless steel double-bottomed baskets, with which the result is great as well and almost without effort.

Coffee under your direction
The coffee machine ETA Artista PRO is equipped with a professional lever with 58 mm diameter, thanks to which you can handle it all. It is necessary to temp the ground coffee into the suitable basket and you are ready to go.

Optimal conditions for coffee preparation are ensured by quality heating system Thermoblock and powerful pump with a pressure up to 20 bar. You can control the intensity of the pump thanks to a barometer, which is also a design element. Water temperature is controlled electronically with high accuracy (PID).

There is a transparent, easy-to-refill water tank on the backside with a generous capacity of 2700 ml. It is possible to add an adapter for a water filter, which takes care of water quality, in the water tank. The adapter is compatible with Brita Maxtra+ and Laica Bi-Flux filters. Furthermore, water level is controlled by safety system.

Coffee magic with or without milk
A professional steam wand for milk froth is not missing as well. Furthermore, it is equipped with water system cooling function which will be appreciated especially when you want to prepare coffee right after you use a steam wand.

You can use a stainless steel cup warming plate on the top of the coffee machine or hot water function, which is useful especially when you prepare lungo (espresso with added hot water).

Intuitive control enables you to select between one or two cups and prefered size of coffee. A large drip container provides you with comfort, so that you don´t need to worry about dirty table.

Overpressure and thermal safety system ensure safe operation, and sleep mode saves you a lot of energy.

Professional equipment
Wide range of accessories is included and ready to help you with your favourite kind of coffee preparation. Coffee machine Artista PRO comes with:
*Professional lever of 58 mm diameter
*5 stainless steel baskets (one cup – standard, one cup overpressure, two cups – standard, two cups – overpressure, basket for rinsing)
*Measure spoon with a brush
*Cleaning needle
*Milk frothing pitcher

Remember though, that the most important element is always coffee itself as a primary ingredient. Then, it depends on barista´s experience and after that stand machines, which help you to make the best coffee. Although that it is a long way to fine-tune the machine and the technique, the result is worth it – convince yourself with Artista coffee machine.
Technical parameters


Lever coffee maker

* Professional all-metal design
* Built-in coffee grinder for coffee beans with the regulation of coffee fineness
* Professional steam nozzle for easy milk froth preparation
* Water level control safety system
* Large removable transparent water tank 2700 ml
* Professional stainless steel lever of diameter 58 mm
* Thermoblock heating system
* The option of 1 or 2 cups of coffee
* Individual cup size setting
* Function of hot water for the preparation of hot drinks
* Safe operation thanks to the overpressure and thermal fuse
* PID – water temperature electronic control system with high accuracy
* Water system cooling function
* Stainless steel plate for cup warming
* Sleep mode
* Barometer
* Input 1620 W
* Pump pressure max. 20 Bar
* Power cord length 0.9 m

Accessories included:
* Coffee tamper
* 4 stainless steel baskets (2x standard / 2x overpressure)
* 1x blind stainless-steel basket
* Measuring spoon with a little brush
* Cleaning tool
* Milk frothing pitcher

General information:
Performance espresso: lever
Type: table
Pump pressure: 20 bar
Use of capsules: Capsules can not be used
Display: No

Cappuccino and Caffe Latte by one press: No
Adjusting coffee strength: No
Adjusting the amount of water: yes
Adjustable temperature of the coffee: No
Ground coffee: Yes
Using coffee beans: Yes
Water quantity indicator: Yes
Nozzle for hot water: Yes
Cleaning and descaling: yes
The steam nozzle: Yes
Milk dispenser: No
Heated cups: Yes
Grinder: Yes
Number of measuring baskets in the package: 4
Number of grinding setting stages: 15
Preparation of two cups at the same time: Yes
Steam unit: not removable
Coffee grinder: built-in

The volume of the water tank: 2,7 l

Power consumption espresso: 1620 W
Removable water tank: Yes
Using a pod: No
Color: stainless steel
Quality mark dTest: No
Retro: No

Size of product:
Width: 30.0 cm
Height: 41.5 cm
Depth: 41.5 cm
Weight: 9.68 kg

Size of package:
Width: 39.0 cm
Height: 51.0 cm
Depth: 37.0 cm
Weight: 11.10 kg