Fruit Dryer ETA Daria 4301 90000 white

SKU: ETA430190000
Food dryer ETA Daria with 9 transparent screens of 33 cm diameter, 2 temperature levels and ON/OFF switch for healthy sweets preparation.
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Dried fruit is healthy and tasty. Everybody can try it, when you put it on the table - children, family or unexpected visitors. That´s why it is good to have it prepared. In food dryers ETA, preparation of this healthy food is very simple.

The food dryer ETA Daria has 9 drying sieves in total. However, the number of sieves can be chosen according to the amount of food. You can choose between two temperature levels.

Transparent sieves are made of harmless BPA Free material.

You will appreciate ON/OFF switch and non-skid trims, which take care of stability of your appliance.
You will be pleased by its silent operation and 1,2-meter-long power cord.

You can dry your favourite fruits, vegetable, mushrooms or herbs during the whole season. You can create various combinations, yet, the groceries preserve their taste and smell.

Extra drying sieves can be bought anytime- fine ETA 3301 00020 or coarse ETA 3301 00030.
Technical parameters


Food dryer
* Healthy way of food conservation, which has been practised for years
* Suitable for drying fruit, vegetable, mushrooms or herbs
* Transparent drying sieves (BPA free) make easier the visual control of the drying process
* 9 drying sieves are included in the package
* Maximum 9 pcs can be used at the same time
* The diameter of 33 cm ensures optimum drying surface
* Drying surface 0,63 m2 (9 drying sieves)
* The number of sieves can be chosen according to the amount of food - easy and comfortable manipulation
* Protection against over-heating for safe operation
* 2 temperature levels for optimal setting
* ON/OFF switch
* Very quick assembly and easy intuitive operation
* Space for cable cord reel
* Simple maintenance thanks to the easily washable surface
* Practical shape and design
* Quiet operation
* Non-skid trims for its stability
* Power cord length 1,2 m
* Power 400 W

Fine drying sieve ETA330100020
Coarse drying sieve ETA330100030

Rotating drying plates: No
Number of drying plates: 9
Power consumption of fruit dryer: 400 W
Temperature regulation: Yes

Size of product:
Width: 31.5 cm
Height: 35.5 cm
Depth: 32.0 cm
Weight: 2.79 kg

Size of package:
Width: 33.0 cm
Height: 34.0 cm
Depth: 33.0 cm
Weight: 3.62 kg